The price of an access ticket is 15 lei for the Street Food area, and 20 lei for the Wine Area.

A ticket to access the Street Food area is 15 lei, while the Wine Area, inside the Palace of Parliament, is a ticket of an additional 20 lei. Entrance exclusively to the Wine Area is 35 lei.

Additionally, we would like to announce to those visiting the Street Food area on Friday, October 12, that access is free!

Separate wine area

Inside the Palace of Parliament, you can meet up with all the wine producers in the two specially designed halls. You will be able to taste and buy the desired wine, then relax in the lounge area, where presentations and demonstrations will take place.

We may start with the phrase “veni, vidi, vici” (I came; I saw; I conquered) and see the Wine and Street Food Festival with the phrase:

(Come over, wine, taste, buy)

This is because when you come to our event, you will of course be welcomed by a pleasant atmosphere, have the opportunity to taste delicious food and buy some wine for the season.


1. because the prices are reduced between 20-30%
2. because there will be a scanning system, ordering and dispatching a product is extremely easy.

And finally, you come, you will feel good, you will taste lot of food and get the bottles of wine you want at home.

So that in the end you can easily say:



Dozens of food-trucks are ready to introduce you to the universe of flavours and tastes, just as they know how to do, but this time in the dedicated area of the Parliament Palace Gardens.

Wine & Street Food Festival means delights for all tastes, flavours on all continents, the craziest recipes ... all of them having: The original TASTE, which you can only taste at such an event.

The special outdoor Street Food area will become your outdoor restaurant and it will all happen in the garden of the Parliament Palace, for 3 days, on a wonderful autumn weekend!

It will be much more beneficial and pleasant for visitors to truly know and test the wines produced on the Romanian lands, along with selected dishes, in a welcoming space full of attractions.

This is the case with the WINE & STREET FOOD Festival Lounge, as well as the dedicated Street Food area. This area will be arranged in the gardens of the Parliament Palace!

Also, at WINE & STREET FOOD FESTIVAL all visitors will get for free:

- Tasting over 500 varieties of wine
- Personal wine stock (after the festival) purchased at the best prices during the year
- A bottle of wine only for the first 2000 visitors
- Socialize and play social games
- Mobile bars
- Wardrobe
- The poker table
- Custom magnets and PhotoBooth and so on

In addition, at WINE & STREET FOOD FESTIVAL, ALL VISITORS also receive:

- Many new offers from leading representatives in the wine and accessories industry

SO in other words an IDEAL PLACE to come to for the weekend with your friends and family!

Thank you and we hope to see you at the WINE & STREET FOOD FESTIVAL on October 12 – 14.

We will be here!

Event Program:
Friday 12.00-22.00, the last time of entry is 21.00
Saturday 12.00-22.00, the last time of entry is 21.00
Sunday 12.00-21.00, the last time of entry is 20.00