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The Wine and Street Food Festival offers:
- Visitor access to the Parliament Palace building from the Bulevardul Unirii;
- The Snake Trail - proven by dozens of organized events - is very important for us because it ensures maximum visibility for ALL exhibitors;
- Our bracelet system (containing a unique code for each visitor) generates in real time a database with all visitors from the stand;
- Special lounge spaces;
- An exhibition area with luxury setup (e.g. special carpet, velvet covered walls, etc.)
- Promotion and communication and specialized media - on radio and television, social networks, direct marketing, news and livestream broadcasts;

We believe in this concept and want to convince you further that the Wine and Street Food Festival is a special one.

Special offer:

The rental price is 119 Eur/sqm, plus a participation fee of 100 Eur.

However, as we wish to support your participation in this edition, you may benefit from our offer: 69 Eur/sqm.

Additionally, we organize the Wine Library, from which every visitor will receive a bottle of wine. The rental price is 69 Eur/sqm plus a 20 euro/sqm contribution to the Wine Library.

The sampling fee is 350 Eur, subsidized at 200 Eur.

Prices do not include VAT

The standard stand includes:
- Table(s)
- Chairs
- Plug
- Spotlight on 4 sqm
- Security labeling
- Meal vouchers for staff present at stand throughout the event
- Water and coffee at discretion throughout the event, including many surprises from the organizer
- Broadcasting on channels within the event

Free on-demand services

- Decoration of black velvet exhibition panels
- Pillars and red velvet cord
- Couches
- Support tables for cocktails


For this area, exhibitors are welcomed by the Wine and Street Food Festival with:
- 0% participation fee
- Electricity and water when needed, with the request to specify beforehand to the person in charge
- Additional arrangements for the Food Area available upon request

The organizers keep only 18% of the proceeds.

All of these, along with the facilities of each exhibitor, offer a high-end event and, ultimately, a great way to spend a weekend day for visitors, as well as a pleasant work environment for exhibitors.