Download from here the Wine and Street Food Festival presentation:

Wine and Street Food Festival offers its exhibitors:
- visitors’ access in the Palace of Parliament
- QR code bracelets for visitors in order to access their data (e.g. name, e-mail, telephone number) for free orders and pre-orders
- Lounge zones
- Luxury set-up of all stands, included in the rental fee
- PR and marketing campaigns, including social media, TV, radio, news reports, BTL and live streaming…

We strongly believe in this event concept and the price is a special one:



The rental fee is 119 euros/sqm plus the participation fee.
But, we encourage all our exhibitors, thus we offer a special price: 89 euros/sqm, divided in 79 euros/sqm payable via bank order plus 10 euros/sqm payable in wine bottles for the Wine Library.

The sampling fee is 350 euros for the whole event, but we offer it at the special price of 200 euros.

The prices do not include the VAT, which is 19%.

The stand includes:
- chairs and tables
- black velvet on the stand walls
- black carpet inside the stand
- electrical outlet
- light spots (1 for each 4 sqm)
- branded name
- food stamps including water and coffee
- video materials promoted on stage

At request, you can also receive free of charge:
- delimitation poles
- armchairs
- cocktail tables


For this area, exhibitors receive:
- 0% participation tax
- light and water according to specific needs
- special set-up of the zone
All you have to do is give the organizer 18% of all cashing during the event.

All of the above plus the very presence of the exhibitors grant Wine and Street Food Festival its special place in Romania and offer visitors a perfect week-end event.